..when the mind ceases to think..

...some organized incoherence.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Leaving You..

Wake me up in the middle of the night
Or leave me sleepless all the way through
Tell me, how proud of it are you?

Walk over my heart into his arms
Cry on my shoulders, then go to make him smile
How long did you think I would let this go?

Go wear his ring if it pleases you
I'll be up for a few, dreaming of you
Like poison, you've flowed in my veins
But with these slit wrists of mine
In a little while, I'll be ceasing you

You wanted love, it was yours to have
You wanted life, soon you'll have it too
Gift-wrapped in a pool of red, all for you

So go, live your life, I won't be needing you
I'll just be up for a few, dreaming of you
You have been a fatal disease to me
And with these slit wrists of mine
Once and for all, I'll be releasing you

My eyes are closing,
One last time...
One last time I'll be breathing you
As soon as the air escapes my lips
Along with your memories...
I'll be leaving you.

Silent Signs

Those quiet almond eyes
I wonder what they mask
Maybe a yearn...
A desire to be loved

A rhythmic beating of heart
I wonder what it craves
Maybe another heart...
One beating right next to it

A shy smile casting my way
What does it say?
Maybe those three words...
In which that heart is laid

A silent invitation
I wonder who's the one
Maybe all who surround her...
Or maybe, just maybe me

Saturday, April 15, 2006

-[55]- Reflections.. The balloon lady -[55]-

She came with a pack of balloons; each for one rupee. I didn’t see her son who would otherwise accompany her everyday. “Where’s he?” I enquired.

“Home… doesn’t have anything to wear. Could you spare anything?”

“Tomorrow.” I paid her and went back into the house, casually forgetting the preceding five minutes, less the balloon.